Z for Zoom


Z for Zoom

Zip , Zap , Zoom ….. such was the momentum and energy of the A to Z Challenge . We zipped into it ….Zappped through it and Zoomed out of it .

My objective of being into this challenge is achieved more than 100 %  and I hope to keep my blogging habit on from here . Met some wonderful people in this journey and definitely intend to stay in touch .

Gratitude to Durba Dyani , because of whom I got into this challenge on the 3rd Day with C for Challenge and have actually survived through it . Survived happily , evolved as a writer , with innumerable learnings …

Will definitely keep it going ….


Say Yes to Yesterday


Y for Yesterday

Today is the Yesterday , we will look back at tomorrow . So let us live each of our today’s meaningfully , so that when we look back to our yesterday tomorrow , and feel fulfilled about  it .

It is never too late to start something fresh , something consequential or something that we really desire, that is an inner calling. Don’t we at times think , that just in case we had started something or focused on an activity 4 years back (yesteryears /yesterday) , we would have reached a point of success by now.

Being a marketer in the banking segment , I am connected with the relevant investment advices in the market. I have known for the last one decade at least that real estate investment is a very potential area to focus on and I have all my financials elaborated around it by investment experts who are my friends from the industry .

YesterdayThe plan of investing on a 2nd home started with the suburbs of Mumbai .By the time we managed to bring in some momentum to  this plan towards execution , the real estate price in these areas had already boomed . So our plan shifted to Pune and Nashik …. The delay again in taking time out for a focused research , and we experienced a gradual upward movement of  the prices these towns too. Finally visited few projects in Pune and Nashik and the price had already appreciated from the time we started our research and we decided NOW is not the time , as it may not be profitable from here. Today I look back at Yesterday which was the Now then, when we had decided against our investment . And if we had made that move positively then , we would have made a 200% profit from that investment. No regrets but yes …  it definitely was a significant miss.

This is just a reference to material gain but it is even more important to invest in self and our immediate physical and natural environment which will help us create long term values and memories .It is not about living with regrets but act on the today  which translates into the Yesterday,we look back in pride.

On this note , let’s hum to Beatles …



Mind Speaks #A-Z Challenge



X for X-Ray

“Will you stop yelling at me” , the child was apologetic for her behavior and promised her mother that she will never ever repeat this kind of behavior ever again

X Ray“Do you know , you look like Mr.Bean , when you try to pass on these unrealistic targets to us” Sanjay accepted the monthly targets, confident of over achieving them and the boss was happy.

“Lady , do something about your body odour before you flaunt the expensive brands” , the love struck gentleman flatters his fiancée with generous compliments about her beauty .

Before my esteemed reader starts feeling that I have lost my mind or I am wasting their time, let me clarify that it is none of the above . Do I agree the 3 sentences or situations above completely contradict with each other ? Yes I do …. The very core essence of the communication disagree with one another .

Dosen’t that constantly happen in our world , in our immediate environment . However upfront we are as a personality ….how many times do we honestly speak our mind ? Most of the time we are not even cognizant what is going on in our minds and we spontaneously speak out the most appropriate phrase for the situation .

I often wonder , what the world would have been , if an X ray machine for the mindMind was created . It could be a WOW kind of a situation where we could have overcome huge amount of misunderstanding, saved time in conversations and probing to understand what is going on in the mind of any person , it could save few relationships going ashtray or maybe save a life or two.

But getting into a level deeper , it will not actually be a very comfortable or interesting world to live in .What is life without surprises and new discoveries ? The nuances of humans and human relationships and the learning and unlearning in the journey of discovery and re-discovery leads to the adventure of everyday life

So speaking of the brief pros and cons of the imaginary X-Ray machine discovered for the Human Mind , my attempt is to know your mind in this subject . It will be good to know your views on the same and what would be the 1st area you would explore , if you were gifted with the power of this X-Ray machine.


Balance Life # A – Z Challenge


W for Work – Life Balance

Work-LifeI have mostly failed to appreciate the contradiction in this expression . It is a widely used ( misused), phrase specially in today’s environment of the rat race . Work is a word closely associated with stress, anxiety and all things tight and something that weighs you down and in order to get a life we need to lighten,to breathe,to relax … we need a break  from work . Is it too much to ask for work and life to go hand in hand ?

I have had my own musings on this topic but never tried to assemble my thinking . Where has this transition and the division of work and life happened ….and why is work everything bad and life everything good .

Why can’t we develop what we love as work and then there is no balancing act Workrequired . Easier said than done … but seriously , with this awareness , can we actually work towards bringing in this harmony for our next generation .If we could channelize their interest , talent and energy towards a structured progress and guidance of their interest . Through this effort , create a situation where the generation next  can earn a living out of their passion and also cultivate it further from there . Organizations , institutions , Parents , Teachers and all other stake holders can make an attempt to join hands to make this possible.

Imagine what a beautiful environment this will create !! A situation where no one strives to strike a WORK-LIFE balance …

While I write on this topic , there are many who still have lived their passion and do what they love. Is it a higher percentage struggling to strike the balance or have I bumped into too many since I live in the commercial capital of India . Are the semi metros or smaller towns better in this aspect ? What is the global story ?









Music Masti #A-Z Challenge

The last few days of the A-Z  Blogging Challenge and I guess most of us who have survived the challenge have performed distinctively well .

The primary contribution of this challenge has been to set momentum to my blogging habit ,but an additional interesting aspect is that it has managed to grab my 12 year old daughter’s attention and liking too . Infact , everyday , she would ask and discuss with me on the word I am taking up .

Last night , during our bed time chat , I mentioned to her that I have too much work scheduled the next day and may or maynot have time to write in between my meetings.We discussed and tried to reach some solution but could not fit in time in the way my day was planned , also none of the words we brainstormed quite helped .

Today , exactly half an hour back , I receive a mail from my alternative email id to which Snigdha has access to and the content of the mail is below . I chose to not make any alterations to it and publish it…


V for voctronica

VoctronixIt is a really well known indie band who gained their popularity via the internet . It is not like any other normal band where they use instruments . This band creates music by using their voice modulation and body percussion [beatboxing]. Infact Voctronica is India’s 1st beatboxing band.  There were usually 6 members in this band but sadly one of them exited the band last year.

A lot of their music is instinctive and about playing off of each other, the members anticipate what the other is going to perform and take off from that. Based on this, Victronix 1they have also included a segment called the Circle Jam in their performances, where they compose numbers on the spot taking cues from the audience. It could be a random word or a name like organ, P.T. Usha or Nirma and we come up with a track. They generally have no idea what they will perform in that segment ; it’s a leap of faith, this was explained by Arjun Nair in one of his interviews  to The Hindu.

AR Rahman was extremely impressed by the band as they performed outstandingly at the Kala Ghoda festival, Mumbai, at a very young age.

They have made covers of famous songs in youtube like Sing by Ed sheeran, Rolling in the Deep by Adele, Roobaroo etc.

A very interesting interpretation of the Indian Classical Advertisement  ….


P.S  – Snigdha , with her interest in English and writing is inspired by this challenge and she has decided to take up a challenge by herself offline and once she is done with it , I create a blog for her where she continues with her writing . Her interest areas are around Music, Food and Art….



You and Me #A-Z Challenge



U for US 


You and Me

Laugh out aloud

Wipe tears

Just share an understanding smile

Or an acknowledging nod

The encouraging pat on the back

Conversations galore

Prank calls and bullying

Heal the hurt heart

Speak to the Sore soul

Climb mountains

Sail through

Explore food adventure

Humming and rocking along

Travel to known and unknown destinations

Experience the experiences

Create memories during the journey

We  are together in isolation

Enjoy our own “Me” time too..

You and me …unique in our own self , yet inseparable

That’s US.




Chai Pe Charcha/Conversations over Tea #A-Z Challenge


T for Tea

I had thought of T for Travel , this being one of my Top 3 passions zone …but my thoughts were all over the place trying to structure the topic . Infact, Travel is uninhibited by it’s own nature,it is a an pursuit that cannot be constrained …. It is boundless and require a much larger canvas to be explored. This cannot be restricted to a T for Travel piece of writing ………….it has to be a subject in it’s own entirety  .

Today, is a very high on agenda day, where I have been out of the house since 6 am for my new business/passion venture shoot, followed by my music practice for the performance tomorrow . Evening there are two social engagements …..all of which I love doing , so no complains . Just a little hectic given that it is a weekend .

On my drive back from the jamming , while I was mentally scheduling the rest of the day …A to Z Challenge was on my mind too and I had to write something with T and my favourirte topic travel was just not taking shape . I thoughtlessly looked out of the car window while the new FM channel Radio Nasha was playing. This channel mostly plays hindi songs from the 70’s of the RD Burman , Kishore Kumar , Lata Mangeskar league . Just as they would play one of the very popular songs with the following lyrics “Shayad meri ,shaadi ka khayaal dil mein aaya hain , issi liye mummy ne teri mujhe cha ye pe bulaya hain”…meaning “Maybe the thought of wedding is playing on my mind and that’s why your mom has invited me for tea” , and as an introduction to this song , the RJ started speaking about the topic Tea. One noteworthy thought that grabbed my attention… Inviting someone for teas or drinking tea with someone means acceptance .

This thought was so accurate  … atleast for me, my cup of tea is very precious and I would like to share the cherished moment only with people I like to have meaningful conversations with . My tea moments mostly have a story around it (mostly great) , if I am sharing it with someone unusual , outside of my own self and family .

My thoughts get interrupted as the driver stops the car and I get off. I reach home and I know I have exactly 1 hour to finish off all chores , which includes finishing this piece of T for …… and leave again . I try to stay calm , quickly make my cup of tea and sit down to write this.

Having spent my growing up years in and around the subject of tea, as dad has been Teaworking with the Tea Board of India and we have stayed in and around the best of the tea estates from Nilgiris to Darjeeling to Assam. Thus tea has been a very passionate topic of discussion back home … have seen most of the intellectual conversations , debates , humorous addas and lot more happen over tea . I started drinking tea during my study leave before the 10th standard board exams …. The story around it was – Tea would be my best company and also helped me stay up late nights for my last minute studies .

Back in college , when I would stay away from home as a paying guest ……I would kill Tea1my hunger pangs of limited food availability at the place I would stay , my drinking cups of tea(not a great memory at the face of it but just reminds me of my forever carefree nature where I am more focused on the solution than whine about the challenge) .That was the cheapest option to kill hunger .My parents will definitely feel terrible reading this , as they love me too much and would do anything to make me feel at ease but I really don’t know why , never really liked asking for that extra pocket money to fill up the gap of not enough food being served at the Paying Guest facility.

And there are many more tea stories with which I can actually go on and on ………..but as of now with the time constraint (of including all the stories here) , I conclude this narrating the story of tea in my present life stage ,the daily catching up of with our lives with my better half happens during our morning and late evening cup(S) of tea. Very special moment of the day for both of us.

Will definitely elaborate on my tea stories soon. Cheers to TEA..